On 5th of February 2013, GHR took part in the Scottish Natural Heritage’s (SNH) Sharing Good Practice (SGP) event held in their headquarters at Great Glen House, Inverness.

This event focused on good practice in construction of hydro developments in Scotland.  Together with RWE NPower Renewables Ltd, GHR hosted a workshop on how the good practice  guidance is incorporated into the design and construction of a typical run of river hydro scheme.  The presentation outlined GHR’s approach to hydro design and construction, particularly focussing on managing sediment on construction sites in harsh environments.

The event offered an opportunity for attendees to discuss the presentations in the context of the Good Practice Guidance, and improvements that might be implemented in any revisions to the guide.  It was very well attended by a mix of statutory agencies, local authority employees, nature conservation and fisheries specialists, as well as hydro developers.

The organisers, Scottish Natural Heritage, have run this type of event before and feedback has been very positive.  SNH’s policy and advice officer for hydro power, Kenny Taylor, said of the event, “These events provide an opportunity for practitioners with differing levels of experience to network, learn from experts, influence future policy, share ideas, gain new insights and inspiration. Attendees gain up-to-date knowledge of work currently underway and recently completed on improving the availability and understanding of information for more informed decision making on this type of development.”

For more information about GHR’s presentation at this event, please see SNH’s Sharing Good Practice page.

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