• Total investment tops £117 million to date, with further £40 million planned for 2017
  • Majority of spend on local firms
  • Company continues innovation in delivering  ground-breaking new schemes

Green Highland Renewables has pumped £55 million into the Highland economy so far this year as they steam ahead with an ambitious build programme.

The Perth outfit is on-track to commission ten new schemes across the north of Scotland in the coming months.

This brings the company’s total investment since 2010 to over £117 million – the majority of which is spent locally.

“A major tranche of schemes will commission this month in order to meet Feed in Tariff deadlines, but we also have a full order book for 2017 with more than £40 million planned investment in the pipeline,” says Green Highland Renewables Chief Executive Officer Mark Mathieson.

“It is a very exciting place to be, and we are continually innovating in how we deliver schemes.  Our project at Loch Arkaig boasts one of the biggest Archimedes screw installations in the UK, whilst at Loch Tay we have run a submarine cable across the loch at 150 metres depth – greater than found in most of the North Sea.”

“The majority of spend in hydro goes on civil construction, and for us the lion’s share goes to local construction firms and contractors,” Mathieson says.

“All of our projects have secured a feed-in tariff from the UK Government, and the only sad note is that the cuts to hydro tariffs announced last year means there will be near to zero new Highland schemes coming forward for construction from 2018 onwards.