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Our Services

Green Highland Renewables prides itself on delivering every aspect of hydro-scheme construction and operation. Our approach means no hassle, no risk and no capital requirements for the landowner. Alternatively, GHR can provide a consultancy service to landowners who choose to self-fund their hydro-site.

Origination and Feasibility

  • Site identification
  • Site selection including environmental, technical and financial viability


  • Securing consent, licences and grid connection
  • Environmental appraisal including screening, scoping, report compilation and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Civil, mechanical and electrical design
  • Planning and licence applications
  • Grid connectivity
  • Flow and energy modelling


  • Construction project management and site supervision
  • Civil, mechanical and electrical design
  • Purifying planning conditions
  • Tendering and procurement
  • Insurance, Power Purchase Agreements
  • Registration to receive feed in tariff
  • Project administration

Operation & Maintenance

  • Continuous administrative support
  • Maximising the value of your hydro-site
  • Daily online monitoring to pinpoint under-performance
  • Contact us for further details on our Operation and Maintenance package

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