Forestry Commission Scotland

Green Highland Renewables is developing and has completed a number of run of river hydropower projects on the Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) estate. The project is part of an overall Scottish Government drive to generate clean and renewable energy and reduce climate change.

In October 2009, the Commission split the national forest estate into three separate regions (Lots) with the intention of appointing commercial partners to help it investigate and deliver run of river hydropower projects.

GHR was appointed in August 2010 to progress Lot 3 which covers the north and west of Scotland and has been working with FCS to explore and develop the sites.

The map shows the sites that:  are commissioned & generating flag,  gained planning permission flag , the sites undergoing construction flag , and the sites that which are currently within the pre-planning consultation phase flag.

The schemes being developed under this arrangement with the FCS offer opportunities for communities to be involved in the development process and also to benefit economically from projects.

Glen Affric Project

We will be publishing mothly newsletters detailing progress on this project.

Click to view the Glen Affric Newsletters.


Key to map

flag  Site commissioned and generating

flag  Site that GHR and FCS have gained planning permission to develop

flag  Site undergoing construction

flag   Site that GHR is assessing the potential of prior to agreeing with FCS to investigate further

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